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Some science, in order to understand the reasons and consequences of nonversation and non-science and the marketing thereof:

Towards a theory of Sustainable Communication in Risk Society: Relating issues of sustainability to marketing communications (author: Pierre McDonagh, 1998)

Living in the world risk society (lecture by Ulrich Beck, 2006)

Rest reassured, that I became completely horsecowsheep from false claims of flamingosis and the nonversations, false risk claims, non-science, falsly marketed non-solutive but done poisoning, use of unlawful force and chemicals by psychiatry and psychology with their desired result of nonsense, hysteria, nonversation, non-science, forced use and addiction to what they sell and misinformation..

This may effect all of us sooner or later. Don't believe the hype! Wir wollen nicht kriegen. There is eminent need for an escape. Any conversative not nonversating questions? You don't know how to write these anymore. Just say it, well-formed. Let's move, coarse off to nothing but furtherwards!

To set coarse off to create space, give and share the space towards,
to know to coarse further to beyond and further, for and with each,
to share, care, small repair, plant off to keep alive, coarse off, and to coarse,
together with those that coarse beyond me..

The United Force: (Elderly & NotRebabe)
"My ass is the balanced polar star black hole. We better coarse off to further times with the United Force.."
Elderly: "Stay positive, because we have to balance on.. Don't 1 on 1 too much.. Coarse off these penetrating questions for parents.."
NotRebabe: "Let's share and fix and give time to the 1 form of 3 we all are part of this way.. Split up.. Move with the music~!"

P.S. cookieblegh!!

NotRebabe: "Why no tree that keeps the land over water (and restores ecosystems, is hermaphrodetic) and why do I get banned, nonversated and denied? Unknown parts of information? I know perfectly why the saying goes 'I eat only one'."
Elderly: "I also love this tree. We have to rely on these animals in this case. Maybe their habits would allow us to ensure the continuous growth of this perfect plant to create and save land from overflowing. There are chances we are denied, unfortunately to no use for either of any."